After 35 wonderful years, Dr. Lambeth is retiring at the end of 2015. If you are a current patient of Lambeth Plastic Surgery, please scroll down to read Dr. Lambeth’s letter to you.PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR MEDICAL RECORDS CONTACT INFORMATION.

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Dear Valued Patients,
After 35 years of practice, I have decided to retire at the end of 2015. It has been a great honor that you have trusted me as your surgeon over my 35 years of practice and that means a great deal to me. I will cease performing major surgeries just before Thanksgiving, but I will continue to do local procedures, touch-ups, and injectables through December.

I have entrusted the medical records of my practice to Collins & Franklin Plastic Surgery starting in January 2016. Their address is 8300 Health Park, Suite 205, Raleigh, NC 27615 and their telephone number is 919-510-5130.

You may receive your records from my office through the end of December and after that time Collins & Franklin will be the custodian of these records. They will be able to handle your future plastic surgery needs.

My wonderful nurse, Amy, is establishing an injecting practice utilizing Botox and dermal fillers in the North Raleigh area. She has learned a lot from me over the 11 plus years as well as taking advanced training courses.

Diane, my wife and my esthetician, will also be joining me in retirement at the end of the year.

William A. Lambeth, M.D.

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