Breast Reduction

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is also called reduction mammoplasty. It is a surgical procedure used to reduce the size, reshape, and lift disproportionally large breasts. The surgery involves removing excess fat, glandular tissue and skin to reduce the weight and volume of the breasts. The aim of surgery is to give you smaller, shapelier breasts that are in proportion to the rest of your body. Women who have carried the weight of large breasts, often experiencing backaches, neck-aches and pain from bra straps, enjoy an improvement in quality of life with their lighter chest.

How Is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

The most common procedure involves an anchor-shaped incision that circles the areola and extends down in a vertical line it will then follow the natural curve of the crease beneath the breast. Excess breast tissue, fat and skin are then removed and the nipples and remaining underlying tissues are then moved to a new higher location. The skin from both sides of the breast is then brought down and around the areola shaping the new contour of the breast
and sutured.

What Can I Expect From The Surgery?

Your expectations need to be realistic. Most patients are pleased with the outcome and find they have smaller, lighter, and firmer breasts. You will be freed from the physical discomfort of large breasts and your body will be better proportioned— in most cases giving you a new-found confidence.

What Will Be Covered During the Initial Consultation?

Dr. Lambeth will discuss your expectations and your medical history with you and will determine if you are a good candidate for breast reduction surgery. The type of breast reduction surgery required to achieve the best result for you will depend on your breast size and breast shape.
Dr. Lambeth will explain the surgical process as well as details about the recovery period. He will also discuss the potential risks and complications associated with breast reduction surgery and whether you should have a mammogram prior to surgery. As with any surgery, you will have many questions. Dr. Lambeth will be glad to answer all of your questions during your consultation.

In Their Own Words

  • “The actual surgical experience was so well organized with excellent communication and attention to detail providing maximum comfort and support.”